Bluetooth pairing with dual boot Windows & Linux

If you use dual-boot, with Windows & Linux, you probably found very annoying the fact that you have to pair all your Bluetooth devices again and again, because they just do not work with both operating systems. Here is a guide to solve this problem…

Extract Windows serial number from BIOS

Recently I needed to reinstall Windows on a system and, unfortunately, I had lost the serial number. Using two simple Linux bash commands, I managed to find the serial number embedded into the computer’s BIOS. This is easy to accomplish on any computer and/or laptop that comes with Windows OS preinstalled.

Backup & versioning with RSYNC

You may already know rsync – the powerful tool which you use to synchronize files from one location to another. I am using it on every Linux server that needs scheduled backups, but this time I had to not only backup some files, but also to keep track of previous versions, due to users being sloppy with […]

Two WordPress tweaks

I have been searching for a way to make my personal blog more user friendly. In fact, this is what I keep doing, searching for better ways to tweak my WordPress blog.