Being checked-in at a hotel, you always need WiFi access. Most of the times, hotels provide free WiFi, but with a catch: some require a password, some require a click on a „Connect” button and so on…

If you’re like me and don’t want to do this every time the session expires or if you want to set up a server in your hotel room (for whatever reason you might do that…) or any other type of device that needs permanent acces to and from the Internet, then you will find this post very helpful!

In my case, I had a few surveillance webcams that I needed in order to receive notifications on my mobile from them every time the cleaning team entered my room, because I had quite a few expensive devices in my room and I wouldn’t want to lose them. 🙂

To cut it short, all you need is a device (tablet, smartphone) running Android (version 4.4 or newer) and with enough battery to remain powered on while you are not at home. Or you can just leave it plugged in (maybe with a timer power plug which only charges the device from time to time, just to make sure it has enough battery).

Next step is to install WiFi Panther – an app that will just do what you want it to do: click that annoying button or enter that awful password and connect you to the Internet! Just install the app, record the steps you take in order to connect to the Internet and you are all set! Note that recording the steps should be done the first time you connect to the WiFi network or after the session expired and you are required to re-authenticate.

You may download WiFi Panther from Google Play. App size is about 4 MB so it shouldn’t take more than a jiffy to install it and set it up.

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