Bluetooth pairing with dual boot Windows & Linux

If you use dual-boot, with Windows & Linux, you probably found very annoying the fact that you have to pair all your Bluetooth devices again and again, because they just do not work with both operating systems. Here is a guide to solve this problem…

Extract Windows serial number from BIOS

Recently I needed to reinstall Windows on a system and, unfortunately, I had lost the serial number. Using two simple Linux bash commands, I managed to find the serial number embedded into the computer’s BIOS. This is easy to accomplish on any computer and/or laptop that comes with Windows OS preinstalled.

Skype Video on 64bit Ubuntu Linux

If you don’t see your webcam video on Skype, in Options » Video Settings menu, the solution is to install Video for Linux 1, as you probably only have V4L2 libraries. This is for users who encounter problems with Skype on 64bit Debian/Ubuntu. If this is you, then you should install libv4l in 32bit flavor.