Yes! You read that right! You really can make money out of thin air! And no, there is no catch! It’s very simple and all you have to do is own a wireless router and, of course, Internet access. The faster, the better for you!

If you’ve heard of websites that promise you will become a billionaire in a very short time, you probably know (almost) all of them are scam. Well, this thing I am about to tell you is no scam. Real money in a simple way.

All you have to do is go to and create an account. Hotsplots is a service that gives you the oportunity of receiving money for your free wi-fi access that usually your neighbours use, especially when you really, really want to watch that 1 hour YouTube video with soft and fluffy kittens, but your bandwidth is strangled. Well, it’s time for payback! Set-up your account, go to HOTSPLOTS Fun menu and read the step by step instructions. It would be better if you already have a WiFi router that supports OpenWRT firmware. OpenWRT is required for setting up Hotsplots on your WiFi, but I guess it’s easy to configure it with DD-WRT also.

How does it work?

Very simple: you connect your WiFi router to the Internet, set it up with Hotsplots firmware then let the neighbours connect to the WiFi! They will arrive on a webpage that will offer Free Internet Access in exchange for 0,015 €/MB (1.5 eurocents/MB). At the end of each month, 80% of the revenue will be paid by Hotsplots to you.

What if the users do bad things on the Internet?

This doesn’t matter to you, because Hotsplots protects you from this kind of activity by routing WiFi users through a VPN. That means all WiFi users will go on the Internet with Hotsplots’ IP, so your Internet IP will not be visible when they surf the Internet.

How much money will I earn?

Well, this actually depends on a few things: how many users connect to your WiFi hotspot and how much traffic they make on the Internet.

Let’s say you have a single user that connects to your WiFi in a month and makes 1 GB of traffic. This means he will pay approximately 0.015 € * 1000 MB = 15 €. From this total, 20% goes to Hotsplots and 80% is your revenue, which means you earn 12 € from a single user! And this is only the revenue for a single user! If 10 users will connect to your WiFi, then you will earn 120 € just by having a WiFi router with Internet access in your neighbourhood.

Good luck with your new Hotsplot!

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