If you are not ready to gain root access on your Android device or if you just don’t want it (for any reason), you can still do a full backup, without apps that do this only if they are granted root acces.

The “secret” is in Android SDK. Download the SDK from developer.android.com and install it.

Open Android SDK Manager as Administrator and install Android SDK Platform-tools.

Enable USB debugging on your device then open a command prompt on the folder where Android SDK Platform-tools is installed (or search for adb.exe if you don’t know the installation folder).

With your phone connected via USB to the computer, run the following command:

adb backup -apk -shared -all -f /home/user/backups/fullbackup.ab

NOTE: Please replace /home/user/backups/fullbackup.ab with your desired path to save fullbackup.ab in.

Your phone will now be backed-up in the fullbackup.ab file.

If you want to restore it, you can do this at any time, with this command:

adb restore /home/user/backups/fullbackup.ab

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