For those who know me, this blog is not a new thing, because I am already writing on – Din PTM în .ro, a used to be my personal blog and still is, since 2006.

I have decided to start a new blog on a personal domain name, for everyone who is interested in technology (aka Linux stuff, HTML, PHP and other related subjects) and my personal views about this domain, occasionally other subjects included, not necessarily related to technology.

For those who have just arrived here, I am describing myself as a Linux enthusiast, Android user, HTC fan and web design & development passionate. I am familiar with HTML, CSS3 and PHP, WordPress is a passion and the platform I am currently using for blogging, almost every customization on my blogs is done by hand, without additional plugins.

If you are interested in Linux or other above mentioned subjects, please come back here from time to time, as I will post great stuff that you will love to read and, sometimes, learn!

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